Transform Your Internal Audit Department


Outsourced Internal Audit Services

 AMP Expert Solutions, LLC will help you develop an effective, quality internal audit function. The internal audit function is a strategic asset to a corporation. A quality internal audit department fuels the organization’s success to accomplish enterprise goals and objectives. Whether you are looking to develop an internal audit function or augment an existing department, AMP Expert Solutions has the experience, tools, skills, and resources to help you succeed. 


Quality Assurance Improvement Plans (QAIP) and Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR)

The IIA Standards require that a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program be established by an Internal Audit department. At least every five years, a quality assessment Quality Assurance Review (QAR) must be completed by an external, independent reviewer or an internal review team. 

Benefits include:

  • Provides an opinion regarding conformance with the Standards;
  • Assesses the effectiveness of the internal audit function; and
  • Identifies improvement opportunities with an action plan to add value to the organization.

We can perform the external quality assurance review or validate your internal self-assessment. Our internal audit professionals have experience working with organizations in various industries.


Training and Professional Development

Download our training catalog below to explore our training and development plans offered at various experience and responsibility levels.  

  • Level 1 - Staff Internal Auditor with 0-2 years of experience;
  • Level 2 - Lead Internal Auditor with 2-4 years of experience;
  • Level 3 - Internal Audit Manager with 4-5 years of experience;
  • Level 4 - Chief Audit Executive with 5+ years of experience 5+ yrs

Content duration ranges from 24 to 32 hours and can be delivered in 1/2 day and full day increments. 

Download our Training Catalog

AMP - Internal Audit Training Catalog (pdf)